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Adult Fiction



By Lauren Oliver

(Adult Fiction)

This is a novel about regret, choices, and secrets.  It’s a ghost story, but the reader is also drawn into the family dynamics of the late Richard Walker clan.  His alienated relatives descend upon Richard’s country house to finalize arrangements.  But they are not alone.  Restless ghosts Alice and Sandra are observing the Walkers.  And they are experts because both of the ghosts were in the house when the Walkers all lived there, before the divorce.  Alice and Sandra know all the Walker secrets, but they both have unspoken secrets of their own.  Family drama meets ghostly tale for a suspenseful story. (Format: Print)




The Geometry of Love

By Jessica Levine

(Adult Fiction)

Julia is torn. She wants the stability that life with Ben can offer. But she is also drawn to another man, whose wild past and passionate nature might be too much for her. As Julia compares and contrasts these two men, she clearly wants to do the right thing for herself. But does she even know what that might be? Romantic love vs. practical love is Julia’s dilemma. Her story unfolds, taking the reader on an exhilarating journey through Julia’s head and her heart. (Format: Print)




I Am Pilgrim

By Terry Hayes

(Adult Fiction)

Scott Murdoch, aka the Pilgrim, goes by many names.  Former top-secret black ops agent and writer of an obscure textbook on criminal investigation, he’s called back to service to hunt down a man known only to the reader as the Saracen.  The action never lets up as the Pilgrim attempts to stop Saracen’s bioterrorist plot guaranteed to destroy the United States. (Formats: Print; Large Type)




 The Outcasts

By Kathleen Kent

(Adult Fiction)

A thrilling western story that follows a newly deputized Texas State policeman teamed with two grizzled Texas Rangers on the hunt for a ruthless killer and a woman, escaped from a brothel, who is determined to make a new life for herself in Gulf Coast Texas.  Before their violent paths meet in Reconstruction Era New Orleans they will encounter pirate gold, greed, betrayal, vengeance and death. (Format: Print)




The Pink Suit

By Nicole Mary Kelby

(Adult Fiction)

The iconic ink Chanel-style suit that Jackie Kennedy wore on that fateful visit to Dallas, Texas is burned into the nation’s memory.  Much of her wardrobe was created by a New York boutique.  This novel tells the story of Kate, who works behind the scenes at Chez Ninon, and crafted outfits for “The Wife”, including the pink suit.  While the two never met, Kate feels that she knows Mrs. Kennedy through the wardrobe she has sewn just for her – created to hide any flaw and project an illusion of perfection.  Kate’s own love story begins to develop, every bit as rich and romantic as she imagines life must be like for the Kennedys. (Format: Print)





By Susan Gloss

(Adult Fiction)

Violet Turner is the proud owner of Hourglass Vintage, a clothing shop located in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin.  Each item of clothing in the shop has a rich history, which is why Violet loves vintage clothing so much; her own past, however, with a failed marriage to an alcoholic man, she’s happy to forget.  When Violet leans of her imminent eviction from the building she calls home, she will need the support of all those around her. (Format: Print)




 Mimi Malloy, at Last!

By Julia MacDonnell

(Adult Fiction)

Don’t be fooled by the cheerful book cover.  This is a serious novel about a dysfunctional family, headed up by Mimi Malloy.  Her six daughters are grown up and Mimi, divorced from their father for years, is carving out a new life for herself in her senior years.  But it is a very surface existence, with Mimi refusing to acknowledge the deep undercurrents that swirl beneath.  Her eldest, Cassandra, wants Mimi to consider assisted living, afraid that Mimi’s mind is failing her.  After discovering a pendant belonging to her mother, Mimi starts to have flashes of her life as a child, including a mysterious sister who was sent away to Ireland, and an unstable stepmother.  Along the way you will become deeply invested in the life of Mimi Malloy, her children, and Mimi’s six sisters.  The bonds of family are unbreakable with acceptance and forgiveness part of the package. (Format: Print)




Sea House

By Elisabeth Gifford

(Adult Fiction)

The main characters all have things that are haunting them. Ruth has a traumatic childhood that gives her nightmares.  The Rev. Ferguson wonders if the tales of selkies – mermaids and seal people – are true.  Moira’s family was evicted from their home by a cruel landowner. The Rev. and Moira lived in the 1860’s and Ruth is in the present, but their lives intertwine as each tells their tale in this arresting novel  Ruth and her husband purchase the Sea House in Scotland and make a startling discovery; the skeleton of a baby that might just have been a mermaid!  As each character examines the past, they come to make peace with their present. (Format: Print)




Silence for the Dead

By Simone St. James

(Adult Fiction)

This is an atmospheric ghost story that will keep you glued to its pages.  Escaping from her abusive father, Kitty Weakes takes a job as a nurse at a remote psychiatric facility shortly after the end of the first World War.  Kitty, unfortunately, lied her way into the job and is now stuck with a staggering workload, no real training, and patients who all have nightmares and very bad nerves.  Portis House used to be a magnificent mansion before being commissioned as a hospital.  But now there are cold spots, eerie sounds in the plumbing, and the house itself seems to be rotting from the inside out.  Kitty is determined to find out what’s going on.  The rich, descriptive writing creates an unforgettably creepy setting in Portis House and memorable characters who bravely take on unseen forces.  (Format: Print)




 The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry

By Gabrielle Zevin

(Adult Fiction)

The redeeming power of love is the theme of this slender volume.  Endearing characters and a moving story will make this one of the books you can’t put down.  A. J. Fikry runs an independent bookstore on an island.  He begins to isolate himself after his wife passes away.  But his bad attitude doesn’t deter everyone, especially the perky Knightley Press sales rep who has a disastrous initial run-in with Fikry.  Then, someone leaves something so unusual in the bookstore that event Fikry is mobilized to action.  The novel is peppered with references to literature and literary characters.  It’s a delight for the book lover, for the romantic in all of us, and for those who hold onto hope.  (Formats: Print; Book-on-CD; eBook)




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