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Adult Mystery

As She Left It

By Catriona McPherson

(Adult Mystery)

Opal Jones escaped her mother’s endless drinking by running away as a child.  She’s come back to her childhood home on Mote Street with the death of her mom.  Things haven’t changed much, except for the 10-year old tragedy that no one will speak about – the abduction of a child from Mote Street.  Every day that Craig is not found, shame and sorrow settle deeper into the neighborhood.  To make a clean break with her own past, Opal decides that she will do something to help others, and solve little Craig’s disappearance.  But she is soon juggling additional Mote Street mysteries involving all of the neighbors she thought she knew. (Format: Print)





By Loren D. Estleman

(Adult Mystery)

If you like movies and film history, this is they mystery series for you.  Our hero is a film archivist named Valentino.  He purchases a decaying movie theater (which was once a showplace) and immediately has two problems.  One is the body found hidden in the basement.  The other is multiple canisters of film which just might contain a lost classic from the early days of cinema. The dialogue is smart, there’s romance, and what might be a ghost.  Break out the popcorn and settle into your easy chair.  It’s going to be an enjoyable ride!




Whiskey Island

By Les Roberts

(Adult Mystery)

An oversized appetite for fine dining, flashy suits, and Las Vegas call girls has made Cleveland councilman Bert Loftus the target of an FBI investigation that may end his career. Now he says someone is trying to kill him. Eager to identify his attacker but not so eager to work with the cops, Loftus turns to private investigator Milan Jacovich for help. A working P.I. can't afford to be too choosy about his clients, so Milan takes the job -- At least it will be an opportunity to break in his new employee, young powder-keg Kevin "K.O." O'Bannion.  Milan and K.O. quickly notice that something smells fishy, though. And it isn’t just the Whiskey Island Marina, where local power brokers down pricey drinks in front of Lake Erie sunsets. Loftus and several Cleveland landlords appear to be involved in something much darker than a typical cash-for-favors trade. After a kinky call girl is found dead near the Cleveland Zoo and secret sex tapes are discovered in her downtown high-rise, Milan and K.O. must follow a trail of bribes, bullet casings, and debauchery to find the killer and discover the real menace amid the muck of local government corruption.  # 16 in the Milan Jacovich series….


Secret of the White Rose

by Stefanie Pintoff

(Adult mystery)

Who murdered Judge Hugo Jackson?  The judge was presiding over the very high-profile case of an anarchist who set off a bomb, killing passersby (including a young child.)  The case has captured the attention of 1906 New York City.  Detective Simon Ziele is part of the investigation, not because he wanted to be, but because his criminologist friend has enlisted his assistance.  It’s the third book in the series featuring Detective Ziele.


Chihuahua of the Baskervilles

by Esri Allbritten

(Adult mystery)

Here’s a nifty little mystery that begins with Charlotte Baskerville having a ghostly visitation from her beloved dead Chihuahua Petey.  This news brings a crew from Tripping magazine to Manitou Springs, Colorado to verify the sighting.  Tripping is aimed at paranormal enthusiasts who like to visit haunted places.  Charlotte wants the three-person magazine team in town, but her husband doesn’t.  There’s much more going on here than just tiny glow-in the-dark paw prints!  Is it truly a supernatural apparition or is there a more earthly explanation?


In Search of the Rose Notes

by Emily Arsenault

(Adult mystery)

This book will keep you up all night until you finish it!  It’s a very compelling mystery, as subtle as a whisper, but with characters so real you’ll wonder what they’re doing when you aren’t reading the book!  As an eleven-year-old, Nora spent a lot of time at her best friend Charlotte’s house and with Rose, Charlotte’s babysitter.  Rose vanished one day, causing much speculation.  Years later, her remains are discovered.  Nora returns to her hometown and Charlotte to make sense of Rose’s disappearance, since Nora was the last one to see Rose alive.

Heat Wave

by Richard Castle

(Adult mystery)

Tough and sexy New York police detective Nikki Heat leads the investigation into the death of a New York real estate tycoon who plunged to his death on a Manhattan sidewalk. She's hit with an unexpected challenge when the commissioner assigns superstar magazine journalist Jameson Rook to ride along with her to research an article on New York's Finest.




The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

by Alan Bradley

(Adult mystery)

Eleven-year-old Flavia de Luce is an aspiring chemist with a passion for poisons.  She must clear her father of murder even thought she's not entirely certain he's innocent. Armed with more than enough knowledge to tie two distant deaths together and consider new suspects, she begins a search that will lead her into danger.  Will Flavia's quick mind allow her to solve the crime or is she simply too clever for her own good? This book was the winner of the Crime Writers' Association Debut Dagger Award in 2009.




Cruel Intent

by J. A. Jance

(Adult mystery)

We often hear of the dangers from predators lurking on the Internet. This one uses a web site, singleatheart.com, to attract married women looking for sex with someone besides their husband. Ex-TV journalist Ali Reynolds becomes interested when the wife of the building contractor restoring her house is brutally murdered. Naturally, the husband is suspected, but Ali does not believe it. She starts snooping, finds the web site, and innocently draws the attention of the psychopath. The murderer decides that Ali is a threat, and he must find her and kill her.




The Language of Bees

by Laurie R. King

(Adult mystery)

This novel of suspense is one in a series featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes. Mary and Sherlock are now man and wife – she is no slouch in the sleuthing department and assists Holmes in his investigations. Upon their return from a trip abroad, several mysteries present themselves. One has to do with Holmes’ bees. The other has to do with a painful part of Holmes’ past that has come back in a very real way, involving him in a personal and desperate search. Religious fanatics, ancient monuments, bohemian lifestyles and more abound in this engaging novel.




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