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The Three Miss Margarets
by Louise Shaffer

(Adult fiction audiobook)

Dr. Maggie, Miss Li’l Bit and Miss Peggy, known for decades collectively in Charles Valley, Georgia as the Three Miss Margarets, have shared joys, sorrows and fears together, despite the twenty-year age difference separating the youngest and oldest. When a young protégé comes home to die, the curiosity of another young woman stirs up the past in a way that may change the Miss Margarets forever. Told in the present with many flashbacks to build the foundation from the viewpoint of each woman, the author has captured the distinctive characters of three women who dared to live life on their own terms in the twentieth century South, despite racism, sexism and class-ism. Narrator Linda Stephens captures the many personalities without lapsing into stereotypes.



The Indiscretion
by Judith Ivory

(Adult fiction audiobook)

Stranded on the bleak moorlands together, an English lady masquerading as a maid to gain a few days freedom, and an American diplomat, reverted to his Texas cowboy roots after leaving his fiancé at the altar, must cooperate to survive. Neither Lydia nor Sam knows the other’s true identity as passion suddenly flares between them. One night’s indiscretion could ruin them both, especially Lydia, whose place in society would vanish. Tempers and passions heat up as the two discover they might have more than a passing fancy. Barbara Rosenblatt does her usual superb job of voicing English and Texas accents for male and female voices. She delivers even the steamy scenes with grace. Romance fans will be delighted.

Mute Witness

by Charles O’Brien

(Adult mystery audiobook)

Acrobat/actress Anne Cartier travels to Paris to prove her beloved stepfather, Antoine DuBois, is not a murderer/suicide. Taken under the wing of Royal Highway Patrol Colonel Paul de Saint-Martin and his aide Georges, Anne infiltrates an amateur theater club whose debauched noble members have aroused suspicion. She also befriends a young deaf seamstress who has sewn for the theater company. When dangerous men suspect Anne’s motives, her stage and acrobatic skills save her more than once. Meanwhile, her skill in the new means of communication with deaf mutes leads her to proof of Antoine’s innocence. This first novel captures the glitter and corruption of France in the days before the Revolution. Narrator Jenny Sterlin provides an evocative reading with many accents and voices.



The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
by Alexander McCall Smith

(Adult audiobook)

In this first of a mystery series, Precious Ramotswe uses her inheritance to set up a detective agency, the first such female business in Botswana. Soon people bring her their troubles including a philandering husband, a troublesome teen; and a missing boy. Using her deep understanding of human nature, aided by her reading of Agatha Christie and a detective manual, Precious sets to work. In the process, the reader gains insight into the culture and mindset of Africa’s most stable nation. Narrator Lisette Lecat’s lilting accents bring Mma Ramotswe and the people of Africa to life. Other titles in the series, narrated by Lecat, are also available on tape and CD.



Scarlet Feather
by Maeve Binchy

(Adult unabridged audiobook)

Best-selling author Binchy traces the joys, worries, and fears of the young proprietors of Scarlet Feather, a fledgling Dublin catering business. On New Year’s Eve, Tom Feather locates the perfect premises to house the business he and his partner, Cathy Scarlet, have planned. With help from their families and friends, they’re up and running in January. By year’s end they’ve built a clientele, suffered personal and professional setbacks and stand on the threshold of solvency. Whether doing the voices of men or women, adults or children, narrator Barbara Caruso’s clear tones and wonderful Irish accents enhance the novel’s warm drama.



Two O’Clock, Eastern Wartime
by John Dunning

(Adult audiobook)

Audio is the perfect format for this novel set primarily in a radio station during World War II. Jack Dulaney escapes a chain gang to cross the country on the trail of his lost love Holly, who is searching for her missing father. Finding her in a coastal New Jersey town, Dulaney signs on as a writer at the radio station. Alternating between the unraveling of the mystery and the blossoming of Dulaney’s dramatic writing skills, readers are enveloped in the wartime and radio milieu. Narrator George Guidall brings the era and many characters to life with his superb vocal skills.



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