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Books for Teens


Shadows on the Moon

By Zoe Marriott

(Teen Fiction)

In this magical re-telling of Cinderella set in ancient Japan, Suzume is trained in the magical art of shadow-weaving and can re-create herself in any form.  Seeking revenge, she is determined to steal the heart of a prince, no matter the cost. (Format: Print)




Super Human

By Michael Carroll

(Teen Fiction)

Thousands of years ago, the first super human walked the Earth.  Now a group of fanatics wants him back, and it’s up to a group of superpowered teens to save the world from impending doom. (Format: Print)




Two Boys Kissing

By David Levithan

(Teen Fiction)

Two boys hope to break the world’s record for the longest kiss as a chorus from the past looks on in both hope and envy. (Format: Print)




Eva Underground

By Dandi Daley Mackall

(Teen Fiction)

Chicago natives Eva and her dad move to Communist Poland in 1978, two years after Eva’s mother dies.  Her dad is a journalist working for an underground newspaper.  Through her experiences in Poland, Eva grows from self-centered American teen into a caring young woman. An American Library Association nominee for “Best Books for Young Adults”. (Format: Print)




Dorothy Must Die

By Danielle Paige

(Teen Fantasy Fiction)

In this inventive tale that returns us to Oz, Dorothy returned some years earlier only to begin a wicked and evil rule.  Enter Amy Gumm, another girl from Kansas, whisked away to Oz on another tornado and recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked to stop Dorothy and her band of evil friends.  Hilarious, action-packed, and fun for all ages. (Format: Print)




Midwinter Blood

By Marcus Sedgwick

(Teen Fiction)

Imagine a love that lasts through the centuries! Seven stories unfold, centered around the island of Blessed. The island is anything but blessed. Its past has seen terrible vengeance, war, jealousy, and murder.  But the light of its moon can ferret out brief moments of kindness and love that carry the stories forward in time.  The novel will put you under the spell of Blessed, giving you beautifully spun tales that are mysterious, horrifying, and yet elegant, bringing the reader full circle. This book received the Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature from the American Library Association. (Format: Print) 




Long Lankin

By Lindsey Barraclough

(Teen Fiction)

Two young sisters are sent to stay with an elderly aunt in a village far from their London home. Although the aunt is very strict, the two still manage to befriend a couple of boys. As a series of odd events unfold, the children realize they can’t ignore the warnings and whispers about Long Lankin.  They are determined to solve the mystery of the evil surrounding the village before it is too late. This story is told with the right amount of creepiness to keep it exciting without causing too many nightmares. (Format: Print)





By Jessica Anthony

(Teen Fiction)

Piano prodigy Glory Fleming is missing.  After her mother’s death, Glory’s life focused on sold-out performances around the world.  When an artistic teenaged boy moves next door, friendship forms and love blooms.  As their relationship grows, Glory begins to spiral into madness, eventually only playing “Chopsticks” on the piano.  The story unfolds trough a scrapbook-style graphic novel that leaves the reader wondering – What is reality and what is imagination – or is it all madness? (Format: Print)




 Please Ignore Vera Dietz 

By A. S. King

(Teen Fiction)

Viera Dietz and Charlie Kahn were the best of friends since they were preschoolers.  Just when their relationship was going to the next level, Charlie’s new friends – a crowd of students most often found in detention – come between them.  Even when Charlie acts out against Vera, believing the lies of the Detention head’s queen bee, Vera keeps his dark secrets.  Then Charlie dies under mysterious circumstances.  Now Vera is haunted by her former best friend, while she attempts to come to terms with his death, her possible part in it, and how she can expose the truth. (Formats: Print; eBook)




No One Else Can Have You 

By Kathleen Hale

(Teen Fiction)

Murder in a small town is upsetting.  Murder in a Wisconsin town named Friendship is especially tragic.  High school student Kippy Bushman’s best friend Ruth is strung up in a cornfield like a scarecrow.  Everyone in Friendship (population 689 – make that 688 now) is so kind, and well, friendly!  Who could have done it?  Kippy decides she will use Ruth’s private diary to track down the killer.  But Kippy may learn more than she wanted about her friendship with Ruth. (Format: Print)




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