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Adult Nonfiction


My Salinger Year

By Joanna Smith Rakoff

(Adult Non-Fiction)

Joanna is a hopeful young writer who takes a job with a publishing house in New York City in the mid-1990’s and finds herself to be an assistant to the agent who represents famed and reclusive author, J. D. Salinger.  Over time Joanna becomes emotionally conflicted; balancing the desperation of Salinger’s fans to connect with the author, and Salinger’s own need for privacy.  The reader watches as Joanna’s private life is quickly eclipsed by her growing professional life, fueled in part by the anachronistic practice of the publishing house and interpersonal politics among the staff.  Absorbing and articulate, My Salinger Year hums with the author’s delight in being immersed in the literary world and her hunger for the written word (Format: Print).




The Little Girl Who Fought the Great Depression: Shirley Temple and 1930’s America

By John F. Kasson

(Adult Non-Fiction)

Into the dark days of the Depression came a little girl with blond curls and dimples. A little girl whose star shone so brightly that it could burn through the darkness of gloom that covered no only the U.S. but the world at that time.  This phenomenon was child movie actress Shirley Temple. She radiated optimism and good cheer that lifted the spirits of millions. Her pluck and “can do” approach gave people hope.  She was the most commodified kid in the world, and sacrificed her childhood so that lives could be transformed. This is a fascinating cultural history of 1930’s America and the child who became a beacon. (Formats: Print; Large Print)





How to Do Everything iPhone 5

By Jason R. Rich

(Adult Non-fiction)

Written at a level even the beginner iPhone user can understand, author Rich effectively explains how to use the Safari web browser, talk with Siri, use the camera, play games, and use the iBook reader app. He includes a chapter about how to buy accessories like screen protectors, or iPhone cases; and, he helps you decide if you need to buy iPhone insurance. Rich’s book is a handy tool to have right alongside your iPhone! (Format: Print)




Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

By Roz Chast

(Adult Non-Fiction)

Cartoonist Roz Chast brings her signature wit to the topic of aging parents. Spanning the last several years of their lives and told through four-color cartoons, family photos, and documents, and a narrative as rife with laughs as it is with tears, Chast's memoir is both comfort and comic relief for anyone experiencing the life-altering loss of elderly parents. When it came to her elderly mother and father, Roz held to the practices of denial, avoidance, and distraction. But when Elizabeth Chast climbed a ladder to locate an old souvenir from the "crazy closet"--with predictable results--the tools that had served Roz well through her parents' seventies, eighties, and into their early nineties could no longer be deployed. A very funny and touching memoir that will be appreciated by anyone who has gone through a similar experience with one or both parents. (Format: Print)




10% Happier

By Dan Harris

(Adult Non-Fiction)

The subtitle of this book says it all: How I Tamed the Voice In my Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works- a True Story. Dan Harris, anchor for the ABC show Nightline, had a panic attack on live TV. At the time, he was floundering in his professional and personal lives, although like others in his high-wattage profession, he was driven to succeed at just about any cost and did not really realize how close he was to falling off the edge. After his meltdown, he began to seriously explore ways to reduce his stress and re-sharpen his focus. This book is an often hilarious look at his explorations of various approaches to spirituality and stress-reduction, including the ones that finally worked - meditation and mindfulness training. This book will make you laugh as much as it will make you think. (Format: Print)




How About Never - Is Never Good for You? My Life in Cartoons

By Robert Mankoff

(Adult Non-Fiction)

People tell Bob Mankoff that as the cartoon editor of The New Yorker he has the best job in the world. Never one to beat around the bush, he explains to us, in the opening of this singular, delightfully eccentric book, that because he is also a cartoonist at the magazine he actually has two of the best jobs in the world. With the help of myriad images and his funniest, most beloved cartoons, he traces his love of the craft all the way back to his childhood, when he started doing funny drawings at the age of eight. After meeting his mother, we follow his unlikely stints as a high-school basketball star, draft dodger, and sociology grad student. He allows us into the hallowed halls of The New Yorker to show us the soup-to-nuts process of cartoon creation, giving us a detailed look not only at his own work, but that of the other talented cartoonists who keep us laughing week after week. (Format: Print)




Cheaper By the Dozen

By Frank Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

(Adult Non-Fiction)

The classic American memoir of twelve kids, two parents, and a world of laughter and love. Translated into more than fifty languages and adapted into two classic motion pictures, Cheaper by the Dozen is the unforgettable story of the Gilbreth clan as told by two of its members. In this endearing, amusing memoir, siblings Frank Jr. and Ernestine capture the hilarity and heart of growing up in an oversized family. Mother and Dad are world-renowned efficiency experts, helping factories fine-tune their assembly lines for maximum output at minimum cost. At home, the Gilbreths themselves have cranked out twelve kids, and Dad is out to prove that efficiency principles can apply to family as well as the workplace. The heartwarming and comic stories of the jumbo-sized Gilbreth clan have delighted generations of readers, and will keep you and yours laughing for years. (Formats: Print; Large Print; e-Book; Book-on-CD; DVD)




Success Through Stillness

By Russell Simmons

(Adult Self-Help)

In Success Through Stillness, hip-hop mogul ( and bestselling author of Super Rich: a Guide to Having it All) Russell Simmons shows the connection between inner peace and outward success through interviews with other successful leaders in various industries, and how learning to be still has been instrumental in his own career. Simmons attributes his meditation practice with changing his life for the better and says that there is no "bad" way to meditate, only different forms for different people. Simmons guides readers into finding greater clarity and focus, and explains how to be healthier in both mind and body. Simmons breaks down what he's learned from masters of meditation into a guide that is accessible to those unfamiliar with the practice. (Format: Print)




The Secret Rooms: the True Story of a Haunted Castle, a Plotting Duchess, & a Family Secret

By Catherine Bailey

(Adult Non-fiction)

When the author began researching archival materials at Belvoir Castle in England, she never dreamed that she would stumble into a mystery. When the 9th Duke of Rutland died alone in the very rooms holding the family archives, his heir ordered the rooms sealed up. Not until sixty years later was historian Catherine Bailey permitted to enter and begin looking through the massive amounts of correspondence. As she read, disturbing references to events in the past were uncovered. Even more, three years of the late Duke’s life were simply erased from the files. Why? The author uncovers a family that gives new meaning to the word dysfunctional, and brings to light what the Duke was trying desperately to cover up during his last days. (Format: Print)




Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century 

By Peter Graham

(Adult Non-Fiction)

This is a fascinating look at two teenaged girls who committed premeditated murder in 1954 New Zealand and the trial that followed. One of the young ladies is better known today as mystery author Anne Perry. In the 1950’s, Perry was Juliet Hulme. She and her best friend Pauline Parker took Parker’s mother for a walk and bludgeoned her to death. Why? Read this true crime book to find out the twists and turns that led up to the killing, still considered one of the most interesting cases of all time. (Format: Print)




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