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CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY: All W-TCPL locations will be closed on Monday, May 25, for Memorial Day.


Going to Storytime at the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library


I am going to Storytime at the library:

Main building Main building 2

My grown-up will stay with me during Storytime.


There will be other children at Storytime. There will also be 2 librarians, Miss Audrey and Miss Trish.


Audrey Hogan

This is Miss Audrey




This is Miss Trish



At the Library, I will walk into the Storytime Room and sit down on a circle. Circle


During Storytime, we will sing songs, play games, and read stories together.


When the librarians read the stories, they might ask for me to help. It can be fun to help the librarians read the stories.


Sometimes I will have to listen quietly to the librarian. Sometimes we will have to take turns speaking. I will always get a turn to speak.


When the librarians sing songs, I can sing with them or I can just listen to the songs.


We will play different games at Storytime. The librarians will show us how to play. The games can be fun!


After Storytime, there will be time to play with my grown-up and the other children.


Storytime at the library can be a lot of fun!