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Adult Fiction


Forever King

By Molly Cochran and Warren Murphy

(Adult Fiction)

Hal Woczinak is a washed-up ex-FBI agent who lives for his next drink, with no real hope for a future. A chance encounter with a stranger gives him a ticket to compete on a televised game show, from which he wins a plane ticket to England.  This leads to his meeting Arthur and Emily Blessing, nephew and aunt respectively, and discovering that his life is tied to Arthur’s in a way he could never have imagined.  He will soon find himself with an opportunity to redeem himself in more ways than one.  (Format: Print)





By Heather Graham

(Adult Fiction)

This is a sexy thriller!  Darcy is a paranormal investigator called in to assess an historic Virginia house that dates back to the Revolutionary War.  There have been many unexplained events in the house, but owner Matt Stone thinks it’s bunk.  He’s the local sheriff but was pressured into getting some answers about Melody House.  The sheriff and Darcy definitely get off on the wrong foot, but there’s no denying their mutual attraction.  Can Matt keep Darcy from harm as the danger from the ghosts escalates?  Or is it a more real presence that’s out to get Darcy?  Book 1 in the series, Harrison Investigations. (Format: Print)





By Martin Cruz Smith

(Adult Fiction)

Arkady Renko is a cynical, world-weary investigator in the Soviet Union.  When a journalist falls from a window in Moscow to her death, Renko finds Tatiana Petrovna’s tape recorder and begins to listen to her stories.  Something about Tatiana’s bold assertions and fearlessness strikes a kindred chord in Renko, and he vows to discover the truth behind her “suicide”.  His quest is made more difficult by the culture of corruption in today’s Soviet Union that as bad as it was under the old Communist dictatorship.  (Formats: Print; Large Type; Book-on-CD)




Map of Lost Memories

By Kim Fay

(Adult Fiction)

After her humiliation at not being given the curator’s position at the museum where she worked tirelessly for years, Irene Blum takes her skills as a treasure hunter and leaves.  It’s 1925 and there are some jobs that are not suitable for women.  It’s not long until Irene is given the opportunity to travel to remote Cambodia and hunt for a set of copper scrolls that may or may not exist.  Along the way, she encounters an assortment of individuals who may help or hinder Irene on her quest.  Unless they can learn to trust each other and share the secrets that each is holding, their journey to the truth of the Khmer civilization will be more daunting than they imagined.  (Formats: Print; eBook)




Paradise War

By Stephen Lawhead

(Adult Fantasy)

Lewis Gilles and his friend Simon, both Oxford students, travel to the Scottish countryside in search of an auroch’s body – which shouldn’t even exist.  This leads them to a cairn into which Simon vanishes.  With the help of an eccentric professor, Lewis returns to the cairn and makes his way into Otherworld.  There, with Simon’s help, he enters the service of King Meldryn Mawr, becomes Lyd ap Dicter, and very soon finds himself in a battle to defend the Real of Albion against Lord Nudd of the Underworld.  Book 1 in the Song of Albion series.   (Format: Print)




Night Circus

By Erin Morgenstern

(Adult Fiction)

Two young people, Celia and Marco, are chosen by Prospero the Enchanter and Mr. A.H. to compete in a contest of magic, which begins when they join the Night Circus. Being part of the circus, however, allows them to grow acquainted and fall in love – thus complicating the contest. They then learn a dreadful truth: only the contest’s victor will live. This prompts their desperate quest to find an escape from the contest with both their lives intact. (Formats: Print; Large Type; eBook; Book-on-CD)




The Rosie Project

By Graeme Simsion

(Adult Fiction)

Cancel your plans for the rest of the day when you crack open this charming book!  You won’t want to stop until you’ve finished. This is a truly different and funny romance, told from the point of view of a genetics professor who decides it’s time to look for a wife.  At age 40, Don Tillman designs a Wife Project complete with scientific questionnaire to find the prefect woman and sort out the smokers, drinkers, women who are late, etc. One might say that Don is extremely socially challenged with rigid, unbending rules and an evidence-based approach to life.  A friend suggests that Rosie visit Don as a potential Wife Project entry.  She appears to be nothing that he wants in a woman, but perhaps she is just what he needs. (Formats: Print; Large Type; eBook)




This House is Haunted

By John Boyne

(Adult Fiction)

Young Eliza Caine is bereft following the unexpected loss of her father.  London no longer offers her any reason to stay, so she impetuously takes a job in the country as a governess.  Perhaps she was not thinking clearly due to her grief, for she immediately took the job without an interview or any discussion of the basics – such as how many children or what her duties would entail.  The reality of her situation began to sink in when she arrived to two unusual children, no parents, and some very odd things happening at Gaudlin Hall.  This novel is an homage to the classic Victorian ghost story.  (Formats: Print; eBook)




The View from Penthouse B            

By Elinor Lipman

(Adult Fiction)

Two sisters recover from widowhood, divorce, and Bernie Madoff as unexpected roommates in a Manhattan apartment. Unexpectedly widowed Gwen-Laura Schmidt is still mourning her husband, Edwin, when her older sister Margot invites her to join forces as roommates in Margot's luxurious Village apartment. For Margot, divorced amid scandal (hint: her husband was a fertility doctor) and then made Ponzi-poor, it's a chance to shake Gwen out of her grief and help make ends meet. To further this effort she enlists a third boarder, the handsome, cupcake-baking Anthony. As the three swap money-making schemes and timid Gwen ventures back out into the dating world, the arrival of Margot's paroled ex in the efficiency apartment downstairs creates not just complications but the chance for all sorts of unexpected forgiveness. (Format: Print)




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