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CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY: All W-TCPL locations will be closed on Monday, May 25, for Memorial Day.

About the Library Catalog


Now you can move easily beyond the library's online catalog - to online discovery!

Our new library search engine makes it all possible. Similar in look and feel to current Web-based search engines, it enables us to become the ultimate destination for all your search and research needs.

With just on mouse click, you gain access to a comprehensive set of library resources, Web content, community reviews and more.


Library Catalog New Features:

  • Starting with one simple search box, you can find all the library has to offer— including books, DVDs, complete newspaper and magazine articles & more!
  • “Did You Mean?” feature eliminates confusion and corrects common spelling mistakes.
  • Google-like relevance ranking ensures the best answer rises to the top.
  • Cool Web 2.0 features—like tag clouds—help you refine your search by format, collection, or subject headings.

Even More Sources:

The new system also searches the following databases to see if relevant information can be obtained and made available to you:


Masterfile - A general reference source designed for public libraries


Medline - A medical reference


Student Research Center - A student-oriented reference


Academic Search - A reference geared toward secondary education students


Newspaper Source - A great newspaper reference


How to Search:

1) Simply type in what you are searching for (for example, art or James Patterson or the Civil War) and click the arrow button.
2) All the library items related to that search will come up on the screen, with the most relevant answers at the top.
3) To narrow your results, you can select from the options at the left of your screen, such as "Availability" (if you need the item right now); "Format" (if you are looking for a specific type of item such as a book and not a video, or only large type books); or "Location" (if you want an item that is available from a specific library).

If you see an item you are interested in, you can click "Add to cart" to add the title to your virtual book cart so you can easily go back to the item when you are done searching. Or if you know you would like to request the item, you can click "Request it" to place a hold on the item.

Search in the library's NEW online catalog

Not quite ready to take the plunge into the new catalog? You can still access the library's classic catalog





Questions? Stop in your nearest library location, or call (330) 399-8807 ext. 200.